Question about converting X to DVD

Convert any type of file to DVD and burn to play on any type of DVD player. Create customized menus. Special menu template creator included

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Re: Question about converting X to DVD

Post by dbminter »

Is this DVD player trying to play DVD's or are you putting the contents on the USB stick? If it's DVD discs, then that DVD player probably doesn't like the manufacturer or the process/dye used on that disc you burned. Particularly if you're using CMC Magentics disc like you find in most stores. Such as Verbatim's Life Series. The DataLife Plus series from Verbatim is not the cheap brand and is what I generally recommend people use when they have playback compatibility issues. Given these discs work on a PS4 but not on another DVD player, it does sound like a media incompatibility issue. Some DVD players' drives don't like certain manufacturers' discs/dyes, particularly the CMC junk. (Although, ironically, CMC now owns Verbatim!)

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Re: Question about converting X to DVD

Post by Soxa »

i use the normal verbatims and also sony and philips i duno what you talking bout but every dvd i made for the last 6 years works on every dvd player maybe there something with youre writer

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Re: Question about converting X to DVD

Post by Coral »

Over the years I have used some cheap supermarket DVD's. I made a lot of DVD movies for friends and hardly ever had any trouble with the end product. Although I don't know how long they will last.

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Re: Question about converting X to DVD

Post by yoyo57 »

I use cheap DVDs including a lot of CMC, rarely have any fails on playback on any of my DVD players that range from Sony to cheap brands

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