“Good result (Auto Long project), however

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“Good result (Auto Long project), however

Post by eddie11013 »

Using a DVD-9 as target size may improve video.” I see this from time to time.
Assuming it means using DVD+r Dual layer discs. Knowing ‘these’ are much more expensive, is the ‘video’ quality going to be ‘that’ much better? Noticeable, even? I currently use Verbatim DVD-r discs. Always check both boxes of "use best video quality & two pass encoding." 60" TV. On my setup it usually takes from 3 - 4 hours, but I'm O.K. with that as I'm retired and the PC is doing all the work, I just do other stuff till its done. On TV episodes I usually 'don't" check the boxes for "use best & two pass", they come out just fine and depending on the number of episodes I'm doing, it takes from 25 minutes to maybe 50 minutes.

Thanks in advance for any comments / suggestions.

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Re: “Good result (Auto Long project), however

Post by yoyo57 »

I have not noticed any difference on playback on my small screen TV.

I usually put three 90 min videos on one dvd5 and result ok on my TV.

I have had issues with burning to dvd9 even on slowest speed, occasionally the disks are either unreadable or there are gaps in playback, but I do use unbranded media.

If I have a 90 min video and want best result for big screen on low cost DVD5 media, I use ConvertxtoHD3 and burn to AVCHD format on DVD5 for 1080 screen resolution instead of smaller 720 DVD resolution. And of course playback on Blu-Ray Player.

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Re: “Good result (Auto Long project), however

Post by dbminter »

The interesting thing is, sometimes you get that note about checking to use a DVD+R DL even though the resulting VIDEO_TS project will still fit on a DVD-5. It's somewhat guesswork what the actual final results file sizes will be.

I don't use 2 pass encoding because it's highly unreliable. Last time I used it, every output had the first 5 seconds replaced by a green screen.

If your DVD player is an upscaling model, then you probably won't notice a dip in video quality on playback even if there is somewhat compression on the output to get it to fit to DVD-5.

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