Conversion problem: Small 'shock' forward in 1080i video

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Conversion problem: Small 'shock' forward in 1080i video

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This is a problem a couldn't solve.
But this is also a conversion bug.
Got overhere the BD from The Crys Season 1.

Did my thing, load everything in ConverxToHD and let it run.
During conversion no problems.
However, if I do a playback on my Dune HD Pro 4K there are small shocks/jump in the video.
First I thought it was my Dune media player.

But then I did a playback of de complete BD, with no mod1fication just a 1:1 copy.
And see there, no small shocks in the video.
This problem happens often (but not always) 1080i@25 fps BD's.
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