Is there a feature request section ?

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Is there a feature request section ?

Post by reddwarf4ever »

I can convert two movies overnight, by running two instances of CX2DVD

But can’t set auto shutdown on one of the programs, as this would prematurely terminate the other program still running.

I have other software, where two instances can be run together, but when set to shutdown when complete, it checks for another instance still running and delays shutdown till that one is complete also....

Could this be added as a feature please ?

If you had a feature request section with a voting option, could be handy to get a feel for support for the idea...

Many thanks

Ps here is the instant notification by email option gone ?

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Re: Is there a feature request section ?

Post by Ch3vr0n »

That's what the Batcher is for ;)
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Re: Is there a feature request section ?

Post by Maggie »

Thanks Wim!
Link to the bachter: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=19034
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