Weird Blu Ray authoring problem

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Weird Blu Ray authoring problem

Post by fhyrees »

Hi everyone,

So I am having a weird issue. I have a cracked version of the latest convertxtohd in a virtual machine. I've used it a bit and like it so much I'd like to go legit and buy it. When I installed it on my system (win 10 x64 1903) I was told my trial had expired as I had tested it before.

In the VM, using the cracked version, when I try to create a Blu Ray using 3 x265 files, I get a file structure around 40GB in size. However, on the legit version, I get a Blu Ray file structure around 7GB in size.

I have copied the settings from the VM version to the legit version with no success.

Does anyone have any ideas? I really want to buy this software!

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Re: Weird Blu Ray authoring problem

Post by Maggie »

Hi there,

Could you please run/fill/send this up? ... uct=vsorep
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