DivX format is not estandart

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DivX format is not estandart

Post by mhornae »

When i follow the template:
from: blu-ray disc
DivX/xVID template: 720x480 /2languages/2subtitles/mp3
* this inside convert to MP4 (properties)
* it can not show like optative 2 languages or 2 subtitles
I need work in Divx standart (theatre mode)
I want to work in my Samsung DVD-E360K DVD Console
how resolve it?
thank you :(

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Re: DivX format is not estandart

Post by Claire »

It would appear your player does not support having multiple subtitle streams because it only support codec divx avi or divx extension
according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DivX you can have multiple subtitles if the subtitle format is xsub, which we are not creating in our software and I don't even know if supported by your player.

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Re: DivX format is not estandart

Post by JJ »

Problem is as Claire stated; player can not play those subtitles.

From player info:

Video Decoding Format:
Color System NTSC
MPEG 2/4 Yes
DivX Yes
DivX HD No

This player is not capable of playing XviD (open version of DivX) so it is very limited.
I would suggest getting better player, those are now very cheap and most support better resolutions and subtitles.
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