Cape Town Season 1 - Static 'TIC'

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Cape Town Season 1 - Static 'TIC'

Post by Nemesh »

Have been working overhere on the series Cape Town Season 1 Blu-Ray.
Everything went well, but there is a loud 'static tic' in episode 1 at 10 minutes and 5 seconds.

The source doesn't have this 'stactic tic', it happens after conversion.
Settings ConvertXtoHD:

Output Format: Blu-Ray
Video Resolution: Automatic (Based on input resolution)
Encoding: Try to copy only if the source is a compliant structure

So everything set to RAW except for subtitle conversion.
We alreay have discussed this and will be fixed in the x64 version.

The frame-rate is odd: Profile Main@4. Resolution: 1920:1080p. Framerate: 25
This is according to TsMuxer.
I have never encountered this framerate before on a Blu-Ray disc.
No matter how I set the encoder in ConvertXtoHD the 'tic' stays present.

When I start the conversion ConvertXtoHD starts the encoding, but not RAW as usual, but Econding (Software).
So probably ConvertXtoHD converts the video because of the odd framerate.
Also tried: Allow 25p, 30p, 50p and 60p framerates (less compatible).
But that also didn't solve the issue.

Same thing happened in the past with the series Safe House Season 1.
According to Felicia this was because a unexpected end of packet.
Don't know if this is the case with Cape Town.

Will upload all files for evaluation.
Best regards to all.

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Re: Cape Town Season 1 - Static 'TIC'

Post by Maggie »

Hi Nemesh,
Thanks for this detailed post. It helps a lot!
Could you send the problematic file? So we can have a look at it.
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Re: Cape Town Season 1 - Static 'TIC'

Post by Nemesh »

Have send you a PM.

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