Normalize or boost audio?

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Normalize or boost audio?

Post by Mike89 »

I put a lot of my videos on a usb stick and play them on my TV through a USB media player. For some reason this media player always plays the volume really low on these videos. I have to turn up TV volume to 100% and it's still too low. Weird cause same movie will play the audio using my media player on the computer just fine. So anyway to get the volume up, I convert it first boosting the audio with Convertxtovideo and then play it on the TV. Is it better to boost the audio with the slider or use the normalize button? I'm having to boost the volume about +15 db on these videos to get them to play at approx volume of watching normal TV. (I have had two USB media players now and both have exhibited this same behavior regarding volume).
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Re: Normalize or boost audio?

Post by wtin »

I have never used that function, but I gave it a test earlier today.

I think the normalize feature evens out the high and the low of the audio. On the other hand, if you increase the volume of the sound, it simply gets louder.

I think I would just increase the volume like you have been doing (since it has worked out well).

p.s. Me just another happy VSO user.

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