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Re: Please help this newbie: fails with "running low on memory"

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2020 11:59 am
by DSperber
The "memory leak" bug specifically in REMUX-MODE has now been fixed with I don't know if it also was present when you requested RE-ENCODING of audio/video instead of REMUX-MODE, but it definitely was present in REMUX-MODE.

There are other problems with again running in REMUX-MODE, and perhaps these were always present before now but are only now finally being exposed because the program actually finishes conversions since there is no longer a fatal "memory leak". But at least the "memory leak" is no longer present in REMUX-MODE, at least based on my limited testing with 1-file and 2-files inputs.

Re: Please help this newbie: fails with "running low on memory"

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2020 1:21 pm
by DSperber
There's a happy ending to this story (and it has nothing to do with VSO's ConvertXtoHD product, which since it doesn't do what I had hoped it would thereby failed its trial period with me, and has long since been uninstalled from my system and never purchased).

Turns out after all my unsuccessful struggles to find a usable BluRay Creator replacement product for multiAVCHD (which I'd been using successfully for years but for some reason couldn't get it to work with my latest MP4 files), I decided to go back and give multiAVCHD one more try... and managed to achieve 100% success. The primary mistake I'd made was failing to install the three additional software products required by multiAVCHD on the new computer I was using, which was the actual reason the MP4 files couldn't be decoded for conversion. I don't know how I overlooked that prerequisite, but I did. Very embarrassing.

When I realized that oversight and actually installed the three required products (AVISynth, ffdshow, and Haali Matroska Splitter) sure enough I was now finally able to actually to really get started. Unfortunately, there was still some underlying problem with multiAVCHD not being able to properly handle the DD5.1 EAC3 audio inside these MP4 files. I had thought the MP4 files should really be acceptable, but there was clearly something either about them or multiAVCHD that just wasn't right.

I then decided to see if I could work around the problem, by remuxing the MP4 file into M2TS format, which I did using VideoRedo TV Suite 6. VRD certainly can understand the imbedded DD5.1 EAC3 audio format and apparently got everything sorted out in the newly repackaged M2TS version of the MP4 file, because once I fed the M2TS files to multiAVCHD instead of the original MP4 files, now the program finally WORKED PERFECTLY!!! multiAVCHD accepts M2TS input files just as it theoretically accepts MP4 input files, but there must have been something odd about my MP4 files... which luckily got straightened out perfectly by VideoReDo's remuxing into M2TS.

So, i have now achieved 100% success using multiAVCHD. Custom intro screen, custom navigation menu for the one or more titles, custom chapter navigation sub-menu per title with frame-thumbnails and titles for each chapter, remux-only audio and video that finishes in under 5 minutes with 100% original source quality... totally and completely everything I'd wanted to do from the get-go, and which I'd thought ConvertXtoHD could also have done for for me.

Case closed.

Re: Please help this newbie: fails with "running low on memory"

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2021 6:40 pm
by kumar0raja
I did load your project and it loaded that file, only thing I changed was location of mp4 file. sbi hrms teatv app