how to make my own title screen???

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how to make my own title screen???

Post by Nor » Tue Dec 09, 2008 3:13 am

First off I want to say what a great project you people have put together.
ConvertXtoDVD is the best burning software I've used yet.
So far the biggest problem I've had is a bad batch of DVD from the dollar store.
I don't know what you changed between the last version I had and the one I downloaded today(12/8/2008) but I seen the converter speed almost double( old: 1.6x new:2.8x)
There are still a few typographical bugs that get annoying (DVD title resetting to 'MyDvD' or (lasted opened project)), but for the money its worth it.

My question is:
Is there any way to create my own title screens. I like the 'Image Wall' the most but would like to make some alterations.
I'm a c++ programmer so if it gets technical I can cope with it.
Anything will help.
Thx Nor.

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Post by ckhouston » Wed Dec 10, 2008 2:31 pm

CX2D doesn't have real intro clip capability but you can simulate it using a video clip of your title image, credits, etc. made in a slideshow capable program.

You can use the clip as the first title in your production with the options checked to start play automatically and to return to title menu after titleset playback. You can remove text and/or the thumbnail for that clip if you prefer.

Or you can make CX2D merge the first video file in your production with that clip if they are the same file type, resolution, etc. Some programs like Windows Movie Maker can build the title clip and merge it with a video file at the same time. You may have to convert your video file to another format in some cases - free programs are available.

You can use the last procedure to make intros for any title in the production.

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Re: how to make my own title screen???

Post by Claire » Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:44 pm


Check out version 6,
add an intro video, or get total control of your menu, move items, menu duration and more

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