Question about hardware acceleration

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Question about hardware acceleration

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Exactly what sort of hardware do you need for CXD's hardware acceleration option? For instance, do you need a dedicated graphics card like an nVIDIA? I ask because I enabled the option, but I doubt it does me any good. I used to have an nVIDIA graphics card in my last PC, but this current one uses UHD, I think. The monitor is connected by DVI to HDMI bridge plugged into the HDMI port on the back of the PC. So, am I really gaining anything enabling hardware acceleration on my set up?


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Re: Question about hardware acceleration

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Hello there,

The important thing isn't the card itself but the encoding/decoding chip.
Sometimes a very expensive card will not be as efficient (to gain speed) than the cheapest ones.
Somes on this forum might be more up to date than me regarding best hardware to use CXD.

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