Problems with ConvertXToDVD

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Problems with ConvertXToDVD

Post by tinekastil2 »

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, and using ConvertXToDVD version 3. I'm attempting to burn a copy of Batman V Superman, but ConvertXToDVD only converts the first 5 or so minutes, then proceeds directly to the burning menu, where it, again, only burns the first 5 minutes. Is this due to protection within the file?

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Re: Problems with ConvertXToDVD

Post by Cougar_II »

Hi, you cannot copy an original DVD or Bluray, it’s full of protections...

In the past I owned AnyDVD which would remove all protections from the commercial media’s.
AnyDVD was shutdown but employees reopened shop under RedFox.

My lifetime key no longer works since it changed so never bought a new one, but assume still works the same.

As soon as you rip a few DVDs or Bluray, the key is payed for...
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