DVD&Blu-ray Converter - Latest beta - released!

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DVD&Blu-ray Converter - Latest beta - released!

Post by Maggie » Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:09 am

Latest beta version available here:
Blu-ray Converter
DVD Converter

Latest release versions here:
DVD Converter
Blu-Ray converter

Release notes:
VSO Reporting Tool minor fixes, subtitle rendering issue in preview fixed

Changes log: Released 2019-10-14
Fix subtitle rendering issue in preview
0013668: [Bug] "Check for Update" not working well
0013701: [Bug] Subtitles issue -> red subtitle with green border
0013741: [Bug] Preview with subtitles -> Crashing
0013750: [Feature Request] [VSORep] "app will be closed" warning issued during install/reinstall process
0013754: [Feature Request] [VSORep] error message if Internet-OFF
0013758: [Bug] [VSO Rep] Re-Install not working Released 2019-10-02
Upgrade bug reporting tools
0013718: [Bug] All VSO products not opening for no obvious reason
0013724: [Feature Request] VSO Reporting Tool is not user-friendly. Released 2019-10-02 Released 2019-06-24
Fix HD subtitles rendering issues
0013658: [Bug] Poor quality in converted subtitles
0013664: [Bug] no progression bar during conversion
0013668: [Bug] "Check for Update" not working well
0013671: [Bug] WMV format can't be converted to mp4 - no video - sound only Released 2019-06-18
Introduce easier 1-click update system
============================================== Released 2018-12-20
Partial Fix of some Subtitle issues - Improve encoding quality for HD and Blu-Ray target - more robust encoding
0013602: [Bug] SRT subtitle file not accepted Released 2018-10-23
Improve support of VC-1 source - Fix HW encoding on Nvidia Pascal-Based graphic cards
0013585: [Bug] Support of VC-1 is broken/incomplete
0013599: [Bug] Hardware encoding fail on NVIDIA GTX 10xx cards Released 2018-06-25
Bugfix release, updated skin engine
0011480: [Feature Request] allow possibility to change vertical and horizontal margins and scale of DVDsub format subtitles
0013566: [Feature Request] Add write probing mechanism for working folder
0013577: [Feature Request] Visual Appearence: Update to Alphaskin 14
0013580: [Feature Request] Add Iphone 8 and Iphone X profiles Released 2018-06-25
0013544: [Feature Request] Add computer revocation mechanism for licensee Released 2018-06-13
Add vertical offset for image subtitles
0013492: [Bug] Soundtrack with Dolby True HD or other high end audio are systematically re-encoded.
0013495: [Bug] Incorrect conversion of BD subtitles to DVD subtitles
0013521: [Bug] DVD subtitles incorrectly copied in MKV files
0013524: [Feature Request] Add the ability to change the vertical position of Image subtitles (DVD, BD, DVB, ...)
0013533: [Crash] Scaler crash

Blu-ray & DVD Converters - Released 2018-06-05
Fix Subtitle issue
0013490: [Bug] Subtitles from BD source always appear in an opaque box
0013515: [Bug] Loading BD/DVD structure from disc no longer work

Blu-ray & DVD Converters -
Fix file reader issue
- 0013477: [Bug] Produced video/audio has glitches, encoding stop before the end (wesson)

Blu-ray & DVD Converters - - Released 2018-02-27
- 0013467: [Bug] Preliminary parsing of DVD Sources stuck. (wesson)

Blu-ray & DVD Converters - - Released 2018-01-16
- 0013449: [Bug] Progress fomr not always appears on collaing form's center (felicia)
- 0013443: [Bug] Burning an already converted project may produce bad disks (felicia)
- 0013438: [Bug] Delete folder after burn not working if ISO is selected (felicia)
- 0013433: [Bug] Overhaul file loading (May fix random load deadlock) (felicia)
- 0013425: [Bug] Remux disabled for audio in BD/DVD custom profiles (felicia)

Blu-ray & DVD Converters - - Released 2017-12-05
- 0013413: [Crash] Random crash in edit window if seeking after video playback ends (felicia)
- 0013415: [Bug] Error wrongly reported when remux is deactivated (felicia)
- 0013411: [Bug] DTS encoding wrongly offered as option (felicia)

Blu-ray & DVD Converters - - Released 2017-11-27
- 0013382: [Feature Request] Detail reasons to refuse remux (felicia)
- 0013399: [Bug] Wrong output size calculation when remuxing from DVD or BD (felicia)
- 0013396: [Bug] If source is DVD only beginning of video is read (felicia)
- 0013391: [Bug] Conversion files if last project name letter is a space for DVD output (felicia)
- 0013386: [Feature Request] Add support for F4V files (felicia)
- 0013377: [Bug] complex ass subtitles do no display in CXD preview or on output (felicia)
- 0013375: [Bug] Language selection reads & writes to other programs (felicia)
- 0013371: [Bug] Delete after burn option no longer works (felicia)
- 0013367: [Bug] conversion fails with subrip because of unhandled exception (felicia)
- 0013360: [Bug] Custom typesettings not remembered (felicia)

Blu-ray & DVD Converters - - Released 2017-10-26
- 0013351: [Bug] Add missing DLLs for localisation tool (felicia)
- 0013337: [Bug] User bitrate is not always applied (felicia)
- 0013332: [Bug] BD subtitles rendered empty (felicia)
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