Wrong size estimation ConvertXtoVIDEO

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Alex Kamb
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Wrong size estimation ConvertXtoVIDEO

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Just had the chance to test the latest ConvertXtoVideo version 2.00.88. Trying to convert an MKV file with AC-3 audio, to AVI/h264 container with MP3 audio. In General Settings the 'Target Size /Quality' is set to Quality Factor and to the minimum '-50% smaller output'.
I noticed that the estimated target size announced on the bottom of the main screen is 2,34 GB that sounded way too much. In fact the real size of the output file after conversion is about 1 GB.
Further more, if i re-apply the settings i obtain a better estimation of size (1,34 GB) but still bigger than reality.
Not a big deal of course, but please have a look !

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