Multiple M2TS BluRay

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Multiple M2TS BluRay

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is it possible to integrate that the m2ts file will be merged to be only one file for the main movie?
For example the main movie has two m2ts files one is 00530.m2ts the other is 00123.m2ts
After copy the main movie there is a 00000.m2ts a 00001.m2ts and a 00002.m2ts.
The 00000.m2ts is a file from AVCHD editor.
the 00001.m2ts and the 00002.m2ts from the movie.
The playlist says play first 00002.m2ts than 00001.m2ts.
Would be good if the file would be merged to one 00001.m2ts.
Especially for BluRay which have several hundred of that files.

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Re: Multiple M2TS BluRay

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If you are trying to convert a Blu-ray movie I suggest using our softwer Blu-ray Converter Ultimate.

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