Burning issues: troobleshooting

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Burning issues: troobleshooting

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Got a burning problem ? the burning of your conversion has failed ?
Here is a troubleshooting guide to why burning failures occur, and how to make sure they don't happen again.

- Most of the time the quality of the DVD is to blame for. Getting cheap DVDs is not always a good idea, given the number of faulty disks you'll have to throw in the bin. The DVD quality can be so bad that it's not even recognized by the burner, or the burner simply doesn't "like" it. burners can be very "picky". Check this site to see if your disks are 1st class (great) disks or 3rd class (very poor quality), etc. http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/dvdmedia.htm
So before going any further, always try to burn on a different brand of DVD to see if the disk is to blame.

- Beware of scratches and fingerprints. This may sound like a childish advice, but believe me, a fingerprint can cause burning failure.

-Can you burn with another burning software ? if you've ruled out the DVD itself as the culprit, then try to burn with another burning software. If you also get an error, then your DVD burner is clearly the one causing the issue. (we recommend to try to burn with the free ImgBurn if you don't have any other burning programm installed on your computer)

- Did you succeed to burn already with this batch of blank disk, if yes, the problem can be a random quality issue, we recommend you burn at a lower speed possible ( x2 or x4 max ) to be sure if you can at least burn with these blank disc

- DVD+R are better quality most of time, most of the error comes when DVD-R are used, -RW and +RW ( rewritable media ) are always very difficult to burn, we repeat: DVD RW are very often causing burning failure!!!

- Download and use the free tool VSO-Inspector http://www.vso-software.fr/products/ins ... pector.php to both check a database with statistics we are collecting and check if a new firmware from your DVD burner is available.
A new firmware can help to improve the support of some recent blank disk released after the date of purchase of your DVD burner.
or http://forums.vso-software.fr/hardware- ... s-f24.html

- Verify that you have the latest drivers and chipsets for your computer. We recommend using a service like Driver Agent which is easy to use and efficient to list your hardware and check if newer drivers are available for download

- Be sure to burn in a quiet environment, don't stress ( use ) your computer during a burn process.

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