Output doesn't keep the same sequence number

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Output doesn't keep the same sequence number

Post by kienfei »


Great program. Is there a way to make the program keep the original sequence number as shown in the program? For example, in the program I have 2 playlists that have number that goes from 00001 to 00010 in one play list and 00020 to 00040 in another. But in the output, the sequence is completely different. 00001 becomes 00030 in the output. Would be great if we can keep the sequence the same for both the input and the output. I have a structure that has a few hundreds of clips. So it is very hard to reconcile the two when adding or removing clips. I hope this makes sense.

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Re: Output doesn't keep the same sequence number

Post by felicia »


Thx for the feedback.

I'm not sure I've understanded your request.

If the playlists are not playing in the right order, just drag & drop the playlists under Playlist management/ Playback order to assign new playback order.

If your problem is that the playitems have different names after you build the project. Well it's done on purpose. All playitems are renamed to avoid conflicts, i.e. if you make a compilation in wich you have multiple play items named 00001 the AVCHD standard won't know what to do with them, to avoid this problem all playitems are renamed in a safe maner.

Hope this helped you, if this was not the answer to the question you asked don't hesitate to contact us again.



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Re: Output doesn't keep the same sequence number

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Hi Felicia,

The problem with this solution of a random file renaming is that burning software usually arrange files by their names, but hardware BD/AVCHD player reading another sequence fron a play list has to seek to different areas of a disk when reading next file and it leads to distinctive pauses of about 1-2 sec appeared between each scene. The problem is even more complicated when you burn double-layered disk and the player will switch between layers on each clip which takes even more time because it needs to re-synchronize it's optical system.

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