A question that someone might be able to help me with

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A question that someone might be able to help me with

Post by robertg_s »

Hello All,

I recently acquired a movie to use ConvertxtoDVD to burn myself a DVD. The problem is it came in 2 parts (I know how to merge them) but the second part has about 2 mins give or take that is included in Part 1. Is there a way to trim either of the duplicate scenes from Part 1 or Part 2 so it would appear as just one complete movie? By using the tools in the software I can see no way of cutting scenes on the 2md part prior to merging. And since they are at the end of Part 1 not sure if it possible to cut that off either.

I really do want to have to purchase anything as this project is really one of a kind for me to be working on (as most movies I get are intact all in one file). The movie is rather hard to locate from any sources online and buying the movie from someone selling it is rather expensive in my opinion.

Any suggestions?

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Re: A question that someone might be able to help me with

Post by dbminter »

There's a function called Cut. It is somewhat of a misnomer as it allows you to trim video. Unfortunately, it's not very accurate at editing, but maybe it will work for you. In the right side window of a Title, there's a red handled scissors icon. That's Cut. You have have to use the right hand side navigation arrow to scroll to the Cut icon.
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