Burn in subtitle

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Burn in subtitle

Post by wtin »

I finally tried using the program.

RTX 4090, Intel i9 14900k with 128 G of RAM. Windows 11 64 bit Workstation

I would love to be able to out put a file (downloaded with Stremfab or AnyStrem program) that the SRT (subtitle) files burned in (hard sub).

Also, another suggestion (as I have not figured out how to use it yet), when I added say 3 files to test, I could only convert 1 at a time. There is no "start" process to work on all the files in the queue. Perhaps I may have missed this.


p.s. I know it may not be easy, but if you add output as DVD/AVCHD/BR format, it would be a perfect program as ConvertXtoVideo 2 is not very stable with the Nvidia driver.
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Re: Burn in subtitle

Post by Cougar_II »


VSO UHD v1.0.0.58 is the new baseline for next software.

You are right, it's missing a lot of stuff, but as I mentioned, it's a new baseline.

Unsure if other outputs will be added and/or VSO will work on a 100% brand new ConvertXtoDVD.

I know that in the future, Jacques mentioned their would be a CUSTOM Profile where we decide what we want, what type of output, what video and audio stream we want and what container, probably like in ConvertXtoVideo.

Jacques is working on ConvertXtoDVD now (So it seems) or again might be working on a brand new 64bits edition, based on all the work done in UHD, only time will tell.

Thank you for your suggestions, to be added to the bug site as a feature request when a new version comes out...

Check in the settings, you can set how many instance you want to convert at the same time.
Yes, click on the right button, you should be able to start 4-5 conversion at the same time.

Keep in mind, if you try to start another conversion and CPU is too busy and/or you have maxed your encoder H264 or H265 you should get a warning, waiting on encoder or waiting on CPU available etc...

UHD v1.0.0.58 is perfect to convert all your files to make them compatible with the current version of ConvertXtoDVD.

Using Most Compatible profile, the output will be 1080p / H264 / AAC Audio
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