How to create simple 2 video menu DVD

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How to create simple 2 video menu DVD

Post by dupecoop »

I want to create a DVD with a menu that contains just two videos.

And I'd like for each video to play when I select the associated menu item.

And if I click the remote's "Menu" button during a video, I want it to return to the main menu.

What's happening is that I'm taken to another page when I click one of the two videos. And then I need to press the Play button on that page.

Can anyone let me know the process to make a simple menu?
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Re: How to create simple 2 video menu DVD

Post by Cougar_II »


I haven't use ConvertXtoDVD in a super long time, but here's a few ideas for testing :)

When the DVD Starts, the menu (Main Menu) is displayed.

Then each video have (may have) a menu called the root menu (If I recall).

There is options to [X] skip root menu for example :)

What I would do, is find yourself 2-3 very small videos (So encoding doesn't take too long)
Select a folder as your output.
Play around with the menu options, and try to learn/see what each options does.

Then with VLC (Video Player) open/load the output (VideoTs folder) and with VLC you can test all your menus.

Once you find the way you like things, your menus etc... then create your DVDs with episodes you wish to create a DVD with.

Happy discovering...
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Re: How to create simple 2 video menu DVD

Post by dbminter »

Cougar has the right option. Under Default Settings --> Menu Options check the box that says Skip root menu initially.
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