[Downloader 6 beta tester] Detection feedback

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Re: Downloader 6 beta

Post by Rexxon »

Hi, all VSO Downloader 6.0 Beta fans and developers!

Just, to be clear - after I changed my Windows 10 Pro 64bit System Language to > English (US) -
no more troubles and errors with that VSO Downloader 6 Beta. Installed without errors, works fast
and Youtube videos could be downloaded with great .mkv quality.
Good to see, that small but brave and busy VSO Software Team is continuing to work with development -
there was today already available update to VSO Downloader Beta!
Updated - without errors and works great.
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Re: [Downloader 6 beta tester] Detection feedback

Post by gintibande »

I'm running The video at this link will download in Automatic mode, but it will not pick up the correct name, so the file gets named web.mp4:
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Re: [Downloader 6 beta tester] Detection feedback

Post by Cougar_II »

Hi, v6.0.0.74 with an engine upgrade this morning, I would upgrade and test with the latest Release Candidate version….

https://www.vso-software.fr/products/do ... istory.php
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Re: [Downloader 6 beta tester] Detection feedback

Post by breadjamez »

Thanks. When I do the clean reinstall, I always start with version 60052 (as this is all I have) and then it updates to current version.
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