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Post by willow11 »

I do not see any conversation on vs yet.
I can convert some files and none at all, keeps stating one or more files cannot be loaded.

Any thoughts?

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Post by yoyo57 »

I have not had this issue, and I still use the program a lot.
Is this a new problem?
Bad source file? Replace it with a different file
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Post by dbminter »

As of now, the most common cause of files that cannot be loaded is because the source file in question is an x265 codec file and CXD 7 does not support those because it's a 32 bit application; a 64 bit application is needed to convert those.

Do a search on the forum for VSO's x265 to x264 converter tool. Then, try loading that file/those files again as x264 input.
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Post by Friend1982 »

I use both - ConvertXtoDVD and ConvertXtoHD - for seweral years and always the current versions.
Up to now I don't had any problems to convert and burn H.265-coded video files directly (without pre-converting into H.264).

The only effect I noticed is that the contrast an gamma values of the outputted files are much too low when I try to convert 4K source files. Therefore I only convert 1080p material.
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Post by Katia »

It actually depends on several factors, some H265 files can be converted, for example files with the colometry yuv420 8 bit or yuv 422 8 bit.
But other h265 files in yuv (10 bit, 12 bit, yuv444) and h265 files in rgb can't be converted...
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