Downloader 5 and Windows 7 support stopped

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Downloader 5 and Windows 7 support stopped

Post by Katia »

Dear VSO users,

Some of you have noticed recent problems with downloading from Youtube.

Due to these changes on youtube website, we had to upgrade our downloading engine.

This new engine can't be supported by the version 5 of Downloader. This version is too obsolete.
We invite all version5 users to switch to the version6 which is more powerful and elaborate version of Downloader.
Active licenses for Downloader 5 are valid for Downloader 6 too. There is also a trial version and a free mode.

Here you can download the last version of Downloader 6: ... ownloader6

User guide for Downloader 6: ... _guide.php
We will translate it in several languages, and for the not translated languages you can always use google website translate: ... p=websites

For the same reason, Downloader will no longer work under Windows 7.
This version of Windows is not maintained by Microsoft since the beginning of 2020, so it doesn't have necessary requirements to support our last update. We have to stop definitely the support of it.

Thank you for undestanding :wink:
VSO Support Team
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