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VSO Downloader 6 Macintosh version

Post by Jacques (VSO) »

It's been a long time since we made the promise to release a MacOS version of VSO Downloader.

Without further delay, it's available now:

Download VSO Downloader 6 for MacOS

DMG based installer

PKG based installer

A few important note:

* It's our 1st MacOS development, and it's rather different OS than Microsoft Windows. So this version is currently considered as BETA. So install it at your own risk.

* The version we provide is for Intel-based (x64) Macintosh with MacOS >= 10.6. In theory, the software should work on ARM (M1 or M2) macintosh however we don't have a M1 or M2 mac (it's expensive and we are not very rich), therefore we are unable either to test the x64 version on them or compile a native ARM version. Should the sales on MAC platform be reasonably good, we will sure purchase a M1 or M2 Mac to provide a native build.

* Downloader is a very complex beast with many submodule. The local proxy (for the "radar" autodection mode) is a security sensivite component, its installation requires additional user authorization which is asked on the 1st time the radar icon is clicked. This installation procedure may fail in some case (the radar icon is not animated should the proxy fail to start). In such case, shutting down and restarting downloader may help.

* Licensing work exactly as with the Windows version: Free mode is unlimited in time, and unlock keys work for all OS. So one don't need to purchase a specific MacOS version the key for Windows will operate.

Feel free to download and test this MAC OS version.
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