Problems with ConvertXToDVD

Convert any type of file to DVD and burn to play on any type of DVD player. Create customized menus. Special menu template creator included

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Re: Problems with ConvertXToDVD

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Most likely, probably due to the age of CXD 3. I've used CXD going even further back than that. And I remember in the earlier days, there were many problems with the software and certain titles you'd import. Things like audio out of sync with video were very common. If it was a protection issue, then it would be more likely that none of the title would process, let alone just 5 minutes of it. Plus, you'd have had to have removed the protection from the disc to even process something like a professional release like Batman V. Superman to begin with.

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Re: Problems with ConvertXToDVD

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Perhaps the best thing is to rip the DVD first. But you must have a decripter installed, AnyDVD or similar. There is no guarantee that the description will work.

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