Looking forward to the next beta

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Looking forward to the next beta

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Just upgrade my computer. Am thankful to VSO that it activated on this machine. Should have uninstalled it on the previous one (forgot), and I just wiped the hard drive clean.

I am looking forward to testing the next beta. It is a Lenovo Thinkstation p700 with dual Xeon E5-2680V3 (2.5 GHz) with 128 GB of RAM and Nvidia Quadro K5200.

Current CovertXtoVideo 2 can't use CUDA of GTX 1080 so I decided that machine (i7 with 32 G) for Audials One 2020 program. :twisted:

Current bugs:

1 Predicted bitrate not correct with more than one episode. Workaround: choose a different format (for example, choose DVD), and switch back to what you want to do (my case, blu-ray), before starting rendering.

2 Audio language won't change for the rest of the project. For example, a project with 4 episodes, if it's in Japanese, and the program is defaulted to English audio, when the audio language is changed to Japanese, and I click save (and "apply to the rest of the project"), that won't work. The rest of the project is still in English. Workaround: Close the program. Load the program, change the audio language to Japanese, and load the video files.

3 CUDA doesn't work with 1080 GTX. I have Quadro K4000 and Quadro FX 4800 and both work (on separate machine of course) with CUDA setting on.

4 Memory leak. Without restarting the program after a few projects, low on memory (or something like that) message appears. I realize this is not a 64 bit program and am looking forward for that.


24 cores b.jpg

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