Blurred menu text, incorrect overlay and overlay not working

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Blurred menu text, incorrect overlay and overlay not working

Post by Nemesh »

Using here ConvertXtoDVD to create DVD's from a Blu-Ray project I have done.
Everything went fine but there are 3 things that are not correct.

1. The episode-text in the menu.
The letter are very un-sharp/blurred (=flou)
Tried to change shadow etc but can't get sharp letters.

2. As MenuTekst Overlay Color I use the same (red) color as I used in the Blu-Ray version.
When I start Simulation (in ConvertXToDVD) and go with my mouse pointer over the episode text, not all text is covered with red color.
The result is a very frayed (=effiloché) text.
Also, in simulation mode the Menu Text Overlay Color is working, but it's not working in the finished DVD.

3. The Subtitles are from very poor quality.
Did conversions in the past with ConvertXToDVD 5 and those subtitles are excellent.

Please check files.

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Re: Blurred menu text, incorrect overlay and overlay not wor

Post by Maggie »

Hi Nemesh!

Sorry for the delay.
Thanks for reporting this!

1 ) Could you please send me a screenshot of the blurred text to So I'll be able to try it out and report it.
2 ) Is it this bug you've experienced: ?
3 ) Subtitles have been improved in our last beta version, try it out! ... 0.0.66.exe

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