Feature request.

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Feature request.

Post by Triplicate »

When creating a second copy of a DVD from a saved location, please ask for the number of copies to create.

I often have to make 10 copies of a DVD I created and it's not at all very friendly the way it works now.

I'd like to say 10 and just insert a new disk when the last one was created without all those steps of clicking the correct menu item again and choosing the same folder again repeatedly over and over again for 10 times.

I hope this makes sense.

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Re: Feature request.

Post by yoyo57 »

Yes please. I support this feature request, would make doing family events easier, where have to give each member of the family a copy on dvd

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Re: Feature request.

Post by reddwarf4ever »

100% agree good idea

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Re: Feature request.

Post by Maggie »

This feature is already on our base: https://bugs.vso-software.fr/view.php?id=2157
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