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Debrief after lockdown

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 10:43 am
by Maggie
Hi everyone!
Sorry we did not give you some news before. As you know, COVID, lockdown in France... it was a hard time for all of us to work.
However, we had a huge meeting yesterday to talk about the months to come and VSO current situation.

1- 64bits will be separated into two big steps.
-> In a few months (3 months, first estimation) we will be releasing a beta of all our Converter with updated FFMPEG library. Meaning that you'll be able to play with 4k, x265HEVC, UHD, higher colour depth... Please note, since it won't be a full 64bits app, conversion time will be very long and it is very likely that high-performance computers will be recommended. Jacques is currently working on the last points of FFMPEG library rewriting and will be very soon implementing it on the VMP to start the tests and continue the developments.
-> Then, he will jump onto the 64bits "core". Estimation of 3 months. It is the first estimation, we'll have more concrete estimation as soon as the first part is completed so Jacques could dive into the code. This work will need full concentration and he won't be able to do anything else. That lets us to the next big news..

2- Currently working on our offices, (likely-to-be) our new developer Julien is on probation time :) (yay!) He is a hard worker, skilled and motivated guy so we are very happy to have him! This is also why we decided to do a proper/cleaner work for 64bits, we truly hope our new VSO crew member will allow Jacques to fully work at 100% perf on the 64bit version with a crystal clear code (reducing bug risk, improving future update work time, collaboration work, etc...)

A special thanks to all our devoted community members who helped me with the forum and keep believing in us ♥
We want you to know our motivation comes from you! Thanks....

Take care,

Re: Debrief after lockdown

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 1:08 pm
by JJ
Sounds very promising!

Re: Debrief after lockdown

Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 7:48 pm
by Cougar_II
Wuut Wuut :D

Thank you so much for the news...

Tell Julien to join us on the forums :wink: