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Downloader 6 in Alpha stage !

Post by Jacques (VSO) »

Dear users of VSO products and tools,

We are pleased to announce that today we have reached the Alpha development stage for our VSO Downloader 6 software.

What's new?
  • *100% redesigned graphical interface for easier use
  • 2 graphic themes: Light and Dark
  • Playlists support :!:
  • Live support :!:
  • Support for Pause/Resume download when possible (in 80% of cases)
  • Subtitles and transcripts support :!:
  • Direct conversion to most common formats
  • Support for audio extraction only, and on-the-fly conversion to mp3 format
  • Audio normalization (sound is enhanced/diminished to a comfortable listening level regardless of source quality and level)
  • Integration of comments and metadata in converted videos
  • Improved accessibility: Text size can be resized at will
  • 100% 64 bits - FINALLY!
  • multi-platform: MacOS and Linux versions already under test will be available soon

What is an Alpha version?
It's a stage of development where some features we want to include are not yet present.
In particular, the 100% automatic detection feature is not yet there. This function doesn't work very well in the current downloader (false positive, slowdown or even navigation errors), and requires a total rewrite that is not yet finished. This is our current development priority.

Is this version available? Can I test it?
The Alpha version is currently in closed testing: a selection of users who have come forward have received all the information to download and use this test version. We will work with them to fix the errors and improve the user experience.

If you would like to join our closed tester program, can I?
Please contact Anais at and tell her that you want to be part of the tester community. ;)

And, a last word on our evolution, our perspectives...
We are late and we know it. We are years behind and we apologize for that. We had a dual goal of offering all our software not only in 64-bit but also for all platforms - Windows, MacOS, Linux. This has generated an enormous amount of work that we underestimated for the very small team that we are. Everything was rewritten, the user interfaces redesigned, not only for the software but also the whole infrastructure: the automatic update servers, the translation system, the logging system, the licensing system, the bug collection and user feedback system: everything had to be rewritten practically from scratch.

We've reached the operational moment, finally! We hope that soon we will be able to move to the Beta phase, where all the features will be present, and that we will be able to offer it publicly to all our users. We hope very much to be able to offer this by September of this year, so that by the end of 2021 Downloader 6 will be officially released, with all features operational.

In the meantime, we will work hard to always offer quality and easy-to-use software, while staying true to our principles: we will continue to offer quality software, without any trackers or advertisements, while making it fully usable for everyone for free. We trust in the responsibility of our users to give us the means to achieve this ambition.
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