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Saving a Project file to a read only file

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2022 4:02 pm
by dbminter
This is sort of a bug, but more of, most likely, unexpected behavior that wasn't predicted for. If you save a Project file to an existing file that is read only, e.g. it's got the +R Attribute set to it, CXD will not save the Project, of course, because the target file is set to read only. However, CXD will also NOT throw up an error it couldn't save the file because the file was read only.

I've tested this and the read only file is, indeed, not saved to, as expected, because it's read only. But, CXD should inform the user, I think, that it couldn't save the Project file if the target exists and is read only. As it currently stands, a user could think a Project was saved when, in fact, it hadn't been saved.