Audio Level Normalization

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Audio Level Normalization

Post by CharlieD »

I did search but found little on the subject.
In prior versions, before ver 6, Audio Level Normalization was a simple slide marked in increments of 0 to 100%.
The newer versions, ver 6 and above, have the Audio Normalization in increments marked in dB to -dB and starts out set at -3dB.
My issue is everything I burn has a very low volume. I had very good success in adjusting the slide in earlier versions up to 80-85% and all was good. No issues with this adjustment although pushing above these amounts causes distortion. I know from experience.
With the newer versions displayed in dB to -dB instead of %, I’m confused as to which way moving the slide actually increases the burn volume and what dB would equal 80 to 85%.
Dual layer DVDs are expensive to experiment with.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Re: Audio Level Normalization

Post by dbminter »

While I can't answer your dB question, here's a suggestion to keep from using expensive DVD+R DL discs to test with. Change the output in CXD to create a VIDEO_TS folder on the HDD. Then, open the VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO file in something like Media Player Classic Home Cinema. You can test the output level by playing CXD's contents on your PC to see if you like the levelization before using final discs.

Another option, though it requires more time and some more materials, is to do as I said above and use DVDShrink to shrink the DVD-9 VIDEO_TS to a DVD-5 VIDEO_TS and burn that VIDEO_TS to a rewritable disc. You can then test the output in a standalone DVD player to see if the audio levels meet your wants.

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