Problem converting MKV file

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Problem converting MKV file

Post by LadyOnTilt »

I have an MKV file that I tried to convert. The process goes to completion but the "converted" video has an issue
with video freezing while the audio continues. I am using

Anyone else have this problem?


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Re: Problem converting MKV file

Post by BrimStone »

Try going BACK 1 or 2 versions and see if an older version works properly. The latest version is NOT always the best version, and this is true with ALOT of software, including VSO software. I keep AT LEAST 2 or 3 older versions of many software programs, because I personally have had issues a few times with the latest version of some program, went back 1 or 2 versions where that version worked ok. Sometimes the latest version will fix some issues and then introduce new bugs.

Here is the ftp site for all the "stable" versions of ConvertXtoDVD:

Try v7.0.0.64, this version works for me.

See some of the problems I have had with buggy and CRIPPLED VSO software, lately it's been v7:


And below link where v7 will NOT see DTS audio tracks, BUT v4 will. I STILL use v4.1.19.365c just because v7 has some features REMOVED, or, more accurately, that version is CRIPPLED:


Also try VSO's "cleaner" program here in the root directory:

It will show you what VSO software is installed and give you the option to remove different VSO programs. But it does NOT show v7 in its list of VSO programs installed but it will remove v7.....somehow, even though it's NOT listed in CleanVSO's list. There are probably other programs it doesn't list, since the program was last updated waaaaayyy back in Fed 2016. Sometimes doing a complete UNINSTALL, reboot, then a re-install of the program can fix a problem.

Good luck.

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Re: Problem converting MKV file

Post by dbminter »

Also, try using conversion software to convert the MKV to another file container format like MP4. I've often had CXD bomb out on MKV files that worked fine when converted to MP4. Doesn't always work, but it's worth a try.

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Re: Problem converting MKV file

Post by LadyOnTilt »

Thanks for the tips. I tried converting the MKV file to MP4 using VideoToVideo but I was getting some sync problems
between the audio and video. I read somewhere that newer MKV files have some additional "coding" added that make
it difficult to covert.

Also, I have found that trying to "cut" this file doesn't work. If I choose a spot for cutting (such as 10:10.000), I can't
move to a new spot. The "indicator" keeps returning to the same place.

I really like ConvertXtoDVD and I use it frequently.

Thanks again!

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Re: Problem converting MKV file

Post by JJ »

Always remember that avi, mp4 and mkv are containers. There can be many different ways to encode files inside container.
I have recently seen a few TV episodes that have been encoded so badly that on my TV they do not work at all, converting them with CxHD makes them playable, but still randomly they just freeze.
Only way to get them work properly is to do full re-encoding and sometimes even that does not help. I'm waiting for 64bit versions, they have more codecs available.
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Re: Problem converting MKV file

Post by reddwarf4ever »

Not sure if you resolved your problem, but 99% of the files I convert are MKV and very very rarely have a problem....I always try to play the mkv file first ( VLC media player FREE ) in various places, not a guarantee, but can catch a badly encoded video....when you edit the video, I find it easier to use CXtoDVD’s inbuilt Video Clip editor, very fine adjustment permitted. Doing a split external tooth program would require re encoding again, losing quality.

There is a program that’s meant to fix MKV files, not tried it but maybe worth a go..

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Re: Problem converting MKV file

Post by Coral »

What sometimes works for me is to use MKVToolnix to get the audio and the video elements as separate files. Then remux them again using the same application or some other, perhaps changing the container.


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