Background sound & other issues

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Background sound & other issues

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I have created many DVDs in the past with CXTODVD successfully. However I recently had to reinstall the program, as my HDD failed. Not sure if I have not change a default setting, or it’s due to an update, but experiencing various issues.

1-if I change the visibility of any Manipur buttons e.g. chapters / settings or reposition the Play button, having selected a custom Menu background music track, the background music no longer plays, whereas it did before I made any button changes. Tried this on several menus, but only found ONE Menu where this problem doesn’t exist.Open style general purpose structure - Metallic ( open style )

2-Although the Title screen with The PLAY button etc, display and run perfectly within the program and play on my PC using VLC media player, when Implay in my BLUray player, it immediately plays the movie, nothing I do can get the main menu to appear....DVds I have previously made play the title screen with episode options etc....and single movie DVDs also.

So can’t see it’s my BLuray player at fault.

Any help with these two issues would be greatly appreciated. The first one could be a bug.


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