User Cancelled

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User Cancelled

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Went trying to convert a few series files the program quits after about a 5th of the conversion with an error "User Cancelled"

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(And how do you get Support to answer your queries,? I have sent 2 reports in the last 10 days without reply!)

ConvertXtoDVD 7_mainlog.20190316.162504.157.log
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Re: User Cancelled

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We are sorry for the delay in answering you. You might have already found a solution since then, but I copy the email you've received so it may help another user with the same issue.

As a first step please follow the recommendations below:
1 ) Be sure you are converting in a quiet environment. Do not stress (use) your computer until you have stabilized the process.
2 ) Check that you don't have any virus/malware running on your system that could corrupt memory causing a conversion error.
3 ) Avoid converting too many files at a time
4 ) System Requirements: Memory Processor
Minimum: 512 MB Pentium 3
Recommended: 1 GB Pentium 4 (2 GHz) or Athlon 2000+
You will find further useful tips our forum (conversion-failed-t19994.html) including the tip I have summed up below:

--> Close ALL programs before doing a conversion, such as any anti-virus/malware program, turn off defragging programs, disable screensavers (default power saving options should be ok), and any other programs that can be closed or disabled. You want the conversion program to have MAXIMUM resources and ALL cpu/gpu cycles to do its thing. When you start the conversion, leave it alone.

If the crashes remains -after following the recommendations on the link as well as the first 4- please send us the following information to :
1 ) the new support log: ... uct=vsorep
2 ) a detailed description of the issue. At which stage does the issue occur (when entering the file, at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the conversion, etc.)?
3 ) please add some screen captures (Snaps)
4 ) the emails history

Best regards,
VSO Support

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