Sound Normalizing bug with 2 tracks?

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Sound Normalizing bug with 2 tracks?

Post by legion »

Using the latest ConvertXtoDVD I think I discovered an audio bug. The default for normalizing is -3db. I had 2 tracks, a 5.1 at 640kbps and a standard 2.0 channel at 192kbps, both Dolby. I tested for normalizing pre encoding and it found a gain of 1.5db with the 5.1 and 1.3db with the latter. I decided to change this as the 5.1 for me was too quiet in loudness terms anyway.

I adjusted the default from -3db to -1db, so that pre encoding normalizing gave me a gain of + 3.5db. With my second 2.0 track I opted for no audio change as it was loud enough. I started encoding but everything froze with the normalizing. I narrowed this down to having the option normalizing at the start of an encoding ticked. Unticking it(which is VSO default) causes the program to work as it should and showing a normal log details of +3.5db gain applied to the 1st default 5.1 track.

Interestingly if the default settings of -3db is kept and the gain found in terms of both tracks is applied(in my case 1.5db & 1.3db) along with the option normalizing at the start of an encoding, the program works fine. The bug? or problem arises from changing the default and adjusting or not adjusting 1 or more tracks with gain only and enabling the option of normalizing at the start of an encoding. I tested this 3 times to confirm in both XP and Win7. All log showed was system details etc as all the program does is freeze!

As a further test I encoded just the second track with no normalization as before and it was noticeably quieter than the previous encoding test. I surmise that despite setting a 1st track to have some gain and having no gain set for the 2nd one, that the encoding process does in fact still apply the gain to both tracks.

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Re: Sound Normalizing bug with 2 tracks?

Post by Maggie »

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay, we've been a bit busy lately.
Could you please try if it's still occurring on our last beta version: ... 0.0.66.exe
(check all three cleaning options during install to have a fresh/clean result)

VSO Support

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