Custom Menu Template doesn't allow picture background

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Custom Menu Template doesn't allow picture background

Post by LadyOnTilt »

Hi All!

It's been a while since I posted anything. I LOVE CXD and continue to use it frequently.

I am running the current version and I believe I found a problem. After I created a Menu Template. I tried to add a picture to the background and was not able to do so. It allows me to add a video but not a still photo.

When I tried adding a picture to one of the standard supplied templates, it works fine.

Anyone else have this problem?

I do have a "work around". I created a video with the picture and then choose the "Use a still Image" option.

Thanks! :) :) :)

PS: I hope everything is going well with the support team. I heard they lost two good people and it is difficult to find dedicated replacements. Patience is a virtue!

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Re: Custom Menu Template doesn't allow picture background

Post by Maggie »

Hi there,

I've tried to add a picture as background menu and it was good for me. No need to work around...
Maybe you could try to do a fresh/clean install of our new beta version and see how it goes? ... 0.0.66.exe
Is it better?

Thanks for this nice message!
Nice to meet you, I am Maggie, the new dedicated-enough (I hope!) support replacement :wink:

Picture as background
Picture as background
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