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I believe the Downloader in question in the aforementioned post is the software VSO Downloader. That it's still being updated as I believe an update to VSO Downloader was recently released.

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Soxa wrote:Hi Coral,

Wich downloader are you talking bout ?
all i can see is this :

ConvertXtoDVD Released 2018-09-14
Bugfix release, saved settings are back, updated skin engine
See here:

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is there going to be another updated version soon with a key code

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Hi folks,

We are still alive!
We apologize for keeping you waiting so long.
VSO Software experienced some challenges, but we are now back in the game. :wink:

For those we didn't try it yet, this is the just released new beta version http://download.vso-software.fr/archive ... 0.0.66.exe

Our priority-projects: 64bits versions with 4k, x265HEVC, UHD, better colour depth...

Thanks for your support ♡
VSO Support

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