CXD beta updates to "new" version 7.0.069?

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CXD beta updates to "new" version 7.0.069?

Post by dbminter »

I had the last beta release of CXD installed, When I opened it up today, it said a new update was available, but that update was listed as "" I went ahead and downloaded and installed this new updated "," but is it actually more up to date than beta?


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Re: CXD beta updates to "new" version 7.0.069?

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Hello :D

Yes, it's normal,
Version is an internal Beta to test in our service we made a regression to version because several problems had been encountered when it was not present in the previous version.

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Re: CXD beta updates to "new" version 7.0.069?

Post by yoyo57 »

There are a bugs in the update process.

Issue 1. I was on version 73 previously, every time I select update, the system offers version 73 even though already installed.

Issue 2. Previous post said it should offer or install the version 69. But it does not do this, just offers version 73.

This occurs on my win11 and win10 computers

Attached is the update screen
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