different background image in same project

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different background image in same project

Post by reddwarf4ever »

Have a series, would like a different background image in page 1 Ep 1-11 than in page 2 Ep 12-22 thanks

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Re: different background image in same project

Post by dbminter »

If you're talking about the Title Menu pages, Page 1 being Episodes 1-11 and Page 2 being Episodes 12-22, then try this. Press the Edit Menu button in the upper left side pane under DVD & Menu options. Choose Advanced Edit. In the left side pane, there's Title menus at the top and beneath that there should be TITLE menu, page 1 and TITLE menu, page 2. Select a TITLE menu, page X entry from the left side pane. In the right side pane where your menu template is, right click somewhere on the background that isn't a button and there should be Edit Background at the top. In the drop down arrow at the top, choose Use a custom file (video or still image). Choose whatever you want to use for the background for each menu page.

If I'm interpreting correctly what you want to do, this should help.

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