Need Subtitles Disabled

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Need Subtitles Disabled

Post by RicRey »

I can disable subtitles in my VLC Player, so I know they're not part of the video. And I've fiddled with the settings, but get no where. When I go to preview a video before committing to burning a disc, it shows subtitles no matter what. It seems to be a problem with any anime I try making a disc of.

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Re: Need Subtitles Disabled

Post by bach4816 »

depending on where you are getting the video files, some people post files to web sites with subtitles burned into them and they can't be removed. Most subtitles are a separate file. Thus when you get a video file, watch the video prior to burning to see if it plays and has subtitles burned into it. If it does look for another one!!!

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Re: Need Subtitles Disabled

Post by yoyo57 »

go to this screen to fix this i.e. subs do not automatically appear when play dvd
sub1-05-2021 8-20-26 AM.jpg

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Re: Need Subtitles Disabled

Post by dbminter »

I believe the software default is to Always display a subtitle track on playback. So, that option is probably checked. Try unchecking that option. I know I have to uncheck it when configuration a new installation of CXD.

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