Simple Movie Layout

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Simple Movie Layout

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-Thanks to Maggie to getting me this far!

Trying to make a simple movie DVD from an AVI file. I've gotten as far as using the template : 'Cinema -nav w/buttons (one main video)'. However, I only want 2 screens, 'Main Movie Title' and 'Chapters'. I can not get rid of the 'Bonus' AND 'Settings' menu. On the main menu, I'd like only minimum buttons 'Chapters' and 'Play'.
How do I delete buttons and unwanted menus?

I tried version, didn't seem to help me. Also downloaded other templates to no avail.

Also would like to know where/how to set the start and stop points for the video thumbnail on the 'Main Movie Title'. The default is close but I'd like to tweak it a bit.

I see the virus is hitting hard over there. Going nuts over here now too.
Please take care and stay healthy. We are thinking of y'all over here!


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