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Menu Background

Post by fixerupper56 »

How might one 'Use BD cover as background (when available)' since there is no option to select a background picture. Alternately, is there any to use a video 'extra' as the menu background?

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Re: Menu Background

Post by Maggie »

Hi there,
Of course you can choose a background picture or video. And add extra video/picture.
Please check this out:
Add extra media
Add extra media
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Re: Menu Background

Post by Nemesh »

First of all you need to locate the original backround video from the Blu-Ray.
Open the Blu-Ray and go to: BDMV -> STREAM
One of those streams (a .m2ts) file is most of the time the backround from the original Blu-Ray disc.

You can use that video file for you own menu.
Start ConvertXtoHD and load the video files you want to create a Blu-Ray disc from.
Then click on the button Edit Menu -> Advanced Edit
In the top of the screen click on the symbol left of the muisc symbol: Edit Backround

Use the blu drop down arrow to select: Use a custom file (video or still)
Select the .m2ts you located in the original Blu-Ray disc.
Select Padding Method: Letterbox

This is a bit tricky because not all video's will fill screen like you want to.
I often also you Pan-Scan.
It's a bit of trial and error for each video.

Set the duration.
You want the duration exactly to match the duration of the m2ts file.
What I always do is set the number 1 in the most left 0 of the time.
ConvertXtoHD will auto-correct that to the exact time of the m2ts file.
It would be handy if there was a option to select the lenght of the file.

So now you have to backround and time.
But that is not the MENU duration time.
I always match the menu duration time to the duration time of the m2ts file.

In the same screen click on the button right to the music symbol: Edit Menu Duration
I personally set Into and Outro always to zero (0).
The time in the middle I always set to the duration time of the original m2ts file.

If done correct you also have the original menu audio with it.
Remember, you can only use 2 layers according to the blu-layer specification.

If you want to use more graphics (add image decoration) keep that in mind.
You can always use Photoshop to merge multiple layers to 1 layer so that you stay within the BD specifications.

Futher more, if you can't use the video for whatever reason, I always go to Google and seach on the movie name.
Then, in the result I click on: Pictures.
After that I click on: Tools and set size to big.
If the size exeeds 1920x1080 you can adjust that with the crop fuction in Photoshop or a similar program.
In the past you could set the exact resolution in Google but they removed that.
I don't know if that option will return in Google but then select on size -> Exact Size -> 1920x1080
At the moment you can also do the following type as search: il miracolo imagesize: 1920x1080
I use Il Miracolo as a example, but you should replace that for what you are looking for.

Take a picture you like and save it to HDD.
Load that picture in the same way as I described above.

If you want the menu audio with it.
Use TsMuxer to demux the m2ts menu file and load the music under you still image by clicking on the music symbol.
Match the duration like I described above to the lenght of the audio.

It goes to far to describe the wole process but I hope you can do something with it.

If you use other graphic(s) from the BD or a other source and they a partially transparant, rember to safe in .png format.
Otherwise you will lose the transparancy.

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