Best FILTER in convertxdvd

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Best FILTER in convertxdvd

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Hello everyone,,
I am now trailing version 6 on my new pc and wow what a change convertxdvd has come through since the old version 4 which I used years ago on my old pc. I love the new features and menu create feature as well as the feature that allows to cut out ad breaks, The developers have done a great job here so hats of to them. I am thinking about buying this new version and keeping it to aid with my DVD projects, but first I am testing some sample clips to see how it preforms compared to the old version I used and other software I have.
So far it been great but I have one question regarding filters. whats the nest filter to use for projects longer than 3 hours? I think i used linear on the old one but i have read that Lanzcros and spline are better but I am confused about the filter selection and which to use. My input sources are all ready 720 x 576 pal so don't need resized itys just Im looking for the best filter for to maintain as much quality as possible with a 3 hour project.

also is always better to use a two mode with projects of 3 hours and over to get better quality?

Many thanks In advanced.

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