convertxtodvd converts but no burn

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convertxtodvd converts but no burn

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and the disc was not touched ( in other words it is not a 'coaster' .. ) the issue is right after the conversion, and just before the burn . windows 10 steps i n and issues an error message so the laptop with my windows 10 will ''seize up and freeze'' and I cannot get the program to stop or eject or close down.. I have to manually close the PC ..

The error message reads in part - Failed to burn Windows Error 0x0000045D ... " ?? I'm not sure if the disc player has failed or the program has failed .. Ideas ?

sent this scenario in to ' VSO support' but wanted to post it here too ...


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Re: convertxtodvd converts but no burn

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That error is hardware error, post full log on that conversion please.
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