Did they fix disc name repeating in menu in 6.0?

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Did they fix disc name repeating in menu in 6.0?

Post by Caslon »

I wasted more than a few CD's with 5.0 ignoring the disk name change in the Burning tab and having the menu show my previous disk name.
That is...I start out fresh, type in a NEW "name for the Disk" to show up on the menu, and 5.0 just resorted back to my previous disk name upon burn.

5.0 completely ignores my new name for a disk to show up in menu after burning. It reverts back to naming the Menu title what I had just burned previously, no matter how hard I tried to start out fresh with a new disk name. That cost me like 4 DVDS, When I mean I tried to start out fresh, I deleted all the programs temp files in Documents, just so it wouldn't revert back to it.

Also, in 6.0, have they changed the wording in the dialogue box explanation about "Save All" vs. Save Only Changes? How confusing is that? I tried both and re-checked the Disk name before burning. 5.0 ignored those changes in title name and insisted on retrieving and using a previous projects name title, so the menu shows " Episode 1" when I directed 5.0 to have it named "Episode 2."

Did either of these issues get addressed in 6.0? I bought 5.0 and it works great, except for the issues I've mentioned.

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Re: Did they fix disc name repeating in menu in 6.0?

Post by DaveRFD »

Why don't you just download the free trial of V6 and find out what's been fixed, because honestly...the changelog between V5 & V6 is ENORMOUS!!!


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