Please help this new user!: Menu navigating

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Please help this new user!: Menu navigating

Post by RockyMelb80 »

Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I'm new to using ConvertXtoHD

I'm really liking what I can create here in regards to Blu-ray discs, but I'm having a few issues with menu navigation.

So I've created a project with the "Series" structure which I have visually altered accordingly. Inside the main project are 5 titlesets and a bunch of bonus content. When you go into the Episodes menu (to select one of the 5 titlesets) everything is fine. And if you hit the HOME button you go back to the original title menu as it's meant to. The problem arises once you've selected one of the titlesets in the Episodes menu. You go to the Root Menu of each titleset as you're supposed to, but the issue arises once you return to the Episodes menu from here. You can no longer return to the original title menu (or original home page). The button that worked before now only links to the same Episodes menu that you're currently on. And the same thing happens from the Bonus menu. Once you've selected something from that menu you can no longer return to the original title menu. You kind of get stuck to where you've navigated to - if that makes sense? Does anyone have a suggestion or solution??

And the second point is in regards to button "mapping" and whether the highlighted part can be altered? Like, I've got 3 main options (icons) stacked on top of each other from the Main Menu on my project. Pressing up and down on the remote highlights the correct NEXT icon as intended. But if you push RIGHT on the remote, the next icon to be highlighted is the bottom one - instead of the second one, which would be my preference. And it works in reverse if you push LEFT. It goes to the second one instead of the bottom one. Does anyone have any advice on whether you can change the button directions/mapping??

Thanks so much for you assistance everyone.


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