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Post by Nemesh »

The new version ( converts the movie/episodes fine.
However, when the movie/episoded are converted, ConvertxToHD should create the menu.
But version aborts and notifies me that there is a problem.
Also test several older projects overhere and all reported the same problem.
Switched back to the, used the same project and it now works fine.
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Re: not creating menu

Post by DSperber »

You could be seeing a symptom that is similar to the set of problematic symptoms I saw in my own tests, when giving a try. My results were reported on my own separate thread, originally created to report a "memory leak" bug. This problem HAS in fact seemingly been fixed by

However I, too, saw a program "crash" (i.e. abort, with an audible sound message "we have a problem") when testing My situation was when using TWO input files (each 1920x1080p MP3 MPEG-4 video with EAC3 DD5.1 audio) and trying to create a BluRay using options that caused direct-copy (i.e. "remux-only / direct raw copy of both audio and video). The state of things at the time of my program crash was that the first file had passed the 97% complete mark and I believe was now processing the every-5-minute chapter marks. The second file was still copying and had passed the 90% point.

I did also try a ONE input file test with, again using "remux-only" (direct copy of both audio and video), and that ran to completion but there was NO AUDIBLE SOUND when the resulting BluRay folder was "played" on my PC. Furthermore, when I burned a BluRay disc and played it on my Oppo UDP-203 player, there again was NO AUDIBLE SOUND.

I also tried one final ONE input file test with, this time forcing "re-encoding of the audio" (i.e. forcing "convert DTS/TrueHD to AC3"), even though theoretically this should not have been necessary. And this time there WAS AUDIBLE SOUND on the output. So this was the only test of which actually did not crash and ran to completion and also produced a usable output. Unfortunately, it was with re-encoded audio that I didn't want (I wanted 100% original sound and video, i.e. "remux-only"). And it was only using one input file.

I've reported my results on my open ticket with VSO Support. They've acknowledged receiving my report and are looking into it further.

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