Annoying chapter menus

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Annoying chapter menus

Post by Badwolf4799 »

can anyone tell me how to burn a blu-ray without it going to the super obnoxious chapter menu before playing movies? The one with the chapters home and play icons? I just want to be able to click on a title at the main title screen and have it start to play. I have never had this issue with the convertxtohd app and am at a loss.

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Re: Annoying chapter menus

Post by Maggie »

Select the file and click on the Chapter Tab.
Then delete all chapters.
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Re: Annoying chapter menus

Post by yoyo57 »

HI Badwolf4799.
Simply click on the Play button that is next to the Chapter button, and it will play the movie.

Hope this helps

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Re: Annoying chapter menus

Post by minhcute »

Another method. If you don't want to have menu on each titleset, you should change the menu template. The default template is Metalic. You should change to Minimal (if i don't remember wrong) template, then it will only have one menu for all titleset, and doesn't have separate menu for each titleset. When you click (on the Main menu) the tilteset you want to play, it will play immediately.
Hope this will help you

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