What Hardware Do You Use??

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Re: What Hardware Do You Use??

Post by bach4816 »

I don't know why everybody thinks they need the biggest and best? I have two computers, an HP laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 vega8 graphics. 16 Gb memory 256 ssd drive. no dvd or bluray burner, I use external Buffalo bluray writer. Other computer is an HP all in one 23 inch touch screen, 8bg memory and 256 ssd drive. It has a dvd writer built in. Both are new and convert at fast speeds, takes about 15 minutes to convert a video file, then i burn at low speed. Both computers were under $700.

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Re: What Hardware Do You Use??

Post by yoyo57 »

Agree. I use old pc with cpu core 2 duo, 8 gb ram, 250 gb hd on win 10 - and it does the job ok - not fast but works fine

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Re: What Hardware Do You Use??

Post by minhcute »

I also agree that weak pc/laptops totally can use VSO softwares without any problem. But the unique problem here is the time you will waste. Remember the time I used my old laptop (Dell Inspiron 3558), it took me about 2 hours to encode a movie with duration 1 hour 30 minutes to 1080p bluray. But since I changed to the new laptop Asus GL553VD with CPU HQ and Nvidia graphic card included, it has taken me only 20 minutes to complete encoding. And I am sure when ConvertXtoUHD is released, a strong configuration is really necessary. At least we must have PCs/laptops with CPU H type with iGPU Intel UHD graphic

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